Top managers of state companies want to reduce wages


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Top managers of state companies, state corporations, and they control the structures wanted to reduce wages. The government developed the idea to set a ceiling on their fees at the level of three minimum wages of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources familiar with deliberations at the White house.

Thus, the salary, other payments and bonuses shall not exceed 30 million rubles per year per Executive officer.

Exceptions can only be granted by decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to analysts, this initiative will be harmful for companies operating in market conditions. The initiative was discussed in the government since March, the office of the first Vice Prime Minister Andrey Belousov. According to interlocutors of the edition, the government intends to optimize and unify the level of wages, linking it to the short list of indicators (KPIs).

As a KPI will be the dynamics of revenue, net profit and market value of the company. For non-approved industry KPI.

The publication also provides data on payments by state companies to top managers in 2019. So, “Rosneft” has spent for payments to the Board of 3.57 billion rubles, “Gazprom” — 1,5 billion rubles, Russian Railways paid employees of 2.7 billion rubles. “Transneft” on payment to the Board and the Board of Directors has allocated 2.34 billion rubles. For the same purpose, Aeroflot gave last year 2,138 billion. The smallest costs of the Board of “Russian grids” — RUR 273 million.

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