Trump attributed the recognition to the illegal US invasion of Iraq


www.vsyako.netDonald Truephoto: Tom Brenner / Reuters

The foreign Minister of Venezuela Jorge Arreas attributed to US President Donald Trump confession in the illegal invasion of us troops in Iraq. With this view Areas made on his Twitter account.

“It’s a recognition that [the US] provoked a war under false pretenses. They killed over a million people, destroyed the whole country. It is a crime against humanity,” said the Minister.

So he responded to the entry of the trump on Twitter, where he accused former Secretary of state Colin Powell that because of its tough rhetoric, the US got involved in a protracted war.

“Isn’t that Powell said Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”? They had nothing, but we still went to war!” — wrote the American leader. So he reacted to what the former head of the Department of state decided to vote for Joe Biden, the most likely candidate from the Democratic party in the upcoming elections, former Vice President of the country.

In 2003, Powell urged members of the UN security Council to take action against Iraq. Then Washington claimed that the country has vast reserves of biological weapons, including, for example, anthrax. In 2003 began a military operation of the USA and its allies against Iraq.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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