Disclosed details of the luxurious life of the millionaires in Monaco


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The journalists of the Sun revealed details of the luxurious life of living in Monaco are millionaires. The relevant article appeared on the newspaper’s website.

62-year-old Prince albert II of Monaco drives, which has a population of 38 thousand people since 2005. He lives in a luxurious Palace, flying on a private jet and owns complex with sports cars. According to the publication, to celebrate the wedding with Princess Charlene in 2011, the head of Monaco spent 55 million pounds (4.7 billion rubles).

Gregoire Hubbub, the Butler of the Royal family, said that albert II keeps in his cellar, 15 thousand bottles of expensive wine, some of which are 27 thousand pounds (2.3 million rubles). “This is the best wine they can find. Very rare” — he said.

To become a resident of Monaco, you need to get a job, to establish in the city a business or to confirm the availability of funds to ensure their lives. The status must be not less than 500 thousand pounds (43 million rubles). Having lived in the city for 10 years, you can apply for “citizenship”, which is signed by the Prince himself.

For example, Princess Camilla of Bourbon moved to Monaco more than 20 years ago after she married Prince Carlo, member of the Spanish Royal family. The woman lives in a mansion with its own cinema, a gym, a Spa and a painted ceiling depicting the stars and planets of the Solar system. Also in her house there is a huge aquarium with piranhas.

“I would be very sad to leave Monaco. Imagine you leave the house, cross the road and you all the best blessings in the world: from plastic surgery to luxury cars,” she shared. According to her, in Monaco is never boring evenings, and for one night to attend several events.

The widow of the heir to the famous producer of alcoholic beverages Bacardi, producer Monika Bacardi, also lives in Monaco for over 20 years. “Here we have the Hotel de Paris, yacht club, shopping Mall with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Bvlgari, Cartier, Dior — whatever you want” — reflected it.

According to residents of the city, even from prison in Monaco, overlooking the sea.

One of the employees of the Hotel de Paris told us about how one day a Russian billionaire was so pleased with the sushi that was served at the hotel, he insisted the chef came to his wife in Moscow on a private plane and made her this dish. It is noted that a Suite with a private pool in the mentioned hotel can cost 35 thousand pounds sterling (three million) per night.

Earlier in June, the journalists of The Sun revealed details of the luxurious life of supermodel Cara Delevingne. It is known that the 27-year-old celebrity bought a house in Los Angeles the actor and musician Jared Leto in 2017 for 1.5 million pounds (130 million rubles). In addition Delevingne owns a house of the XVIII century, which is located in London. Its cost is about three million pounds sterling (260 million rubles).

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