Europe believed in the end of the crisis


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The economic expectations index in the Eurozone rose from minus three points in may to 21.8 points in June. This is the maximum growth from November 2017, it shows that investors believe in Europe, writes Reuters, citing data from research group Sentix.

Investors have made a speedy end of the crisis — confidence index rose to minus 24.8 points in June from minus 41.8 in may. The index of current economic conditions rose to minus 61.5 from minus 73 points for the month.

Managing Director Sentix Manfred hübner noted that the economy “is awakened from a deep sleep,” but the path to normal will be long. Investors believe that more than 50 per cent of the decline will be able to play during the year. However, it is noted that the performance through the year will be below pre-crisis levels, despite all the stimulative measures.

The European Central Bank in early June, has expanded its anti-crisis program of redemption of securities in the EU countries, on 600 billion euros before to 1.35 trillion euros. The program will last until June 2021-th. Eurozone GDP fell by 3.8 percent in the first quarter of 2020.

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