“Forever young” 55-year-old writer revealed the secrets of her beauty


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“Forever young” a resident of London, whose three adult children, revealed the secrets of her everlasting beauty. Her words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

55-year-old writer, dancer and entrepreneur Karen Ruimy (Karen Ruimy) tries to avoid Botox and various fillers. Instead, it uses the anti-aging skincare, including corrective serum for face with vitamin C. “They give my skin a natural glow — she said. — And at night I massage my face with argan oil”.

Rumi abandoned hair straightening and noted a positive result. “I have naturally curly hair, but I used to every week them straightened in a salon. Three years ago, I noticed that they collapse, she said. Now I restore my natural curls by using nourishing creams. Thanks to them, my curls have become more defined volume.”

To maintain the figure in good shape, the British dancing. She enjoys flamenco 18 years and 35 years old — dancing at a professional level. “I’ve been dancing three times a week, thereby remain taut even after 50 years. All the great dancers of flamenco older than 60-70 years, so it’s never too late to start,” she says.

Care Ruimi stresses the importance of regular massages. Every two weeks she goes on a one-hour Spa treatment to relieve tension in the body and improve blood circulation. “In isolation I do daily self-massage of the face, head, hands and feet for five minutes,” she added. In addition, every morning, she is setting yourself up for the day, asking the questions: “is Everything in order in my life? How am I feeling today?”

Earlier in June, 62-year-old Sheila kiss (Sheila Kiss) in the English city of Birmingham has revealed the secret of its appeal. The success of it is called the sport and a healthy lifestyle. The British don’t limit yourself in food, but has been in the gym for two hours six times a week.

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