Found in childhood rare coin has enriched man


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The British resident of Colchester, County of Essex, sold an ancient coin, which he kept from childhood, and enriched. About it reports local newspaper the Daily Gazette.

Kevin Stilleto (Kevin Scillitoe) found the coin in 1973 when he was 10 years old. Then in Colchester cleaned flowing through the city the river Colne. Kevin and other students sifted dumped on the shores of the soil from the river bottom in hopes of finding treasures of the ancient Romans. He managed to dig up a few Roman coins.

One of the coins is particularly well preserved, but Stilleto for a long time failed to identify it. The man realized that he had a rare bronze antoninian 291 years, only once I saw a similar coin in the British Museum. They were minted Emperor-the usurper of Karuzi to pay his troops.

Experts believed that such a coin can give from 800 to a thousand pounds (87 thousand rubles), but a collector from the United States participated in the auction, brought the price up to four thousand pounds (about 350 thousand).

Carouse — the Roman Emperor-the usurper who ruled Britain and Northern Gaul in the late third century ad. He was born in one of the Gallic tribes, made a career in the Roman army, then proclaimed himself Emperor. Rules for seven years, until he killed one of the henchmen, then took its place. Coins that were minted in Carausi of Landini and two cities, is one of the main sources of information about his rule.

In February it was reported that the old porcelain teapot with a lost lid and a crack on the handle, bought for 15 British pounds, was a product of the XVII century, released on the first porcelain factory in America. Two years later, the discovery was sold for 575 thousand pounds.

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