Insult the opponent and his wife, Lukashenko complained about insults


www.vsyako.netAlexander Lukashenkoon: Alexander Zemlianichenko / Reuters

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has complained that many of his opponents in the presidential election using dirty political technologies, and abusing the right to protest. It is reported BelTA.

“Terms of violations of the law, moreover, ethical standards, harassment, attacks against the government,” the President said and instructed law enforcement agencies to pay special attention to threats to the employees of CEC and their families, as well as other civil servants.

Lukashenko himself has allowed himself to ambiguous statements towards their opponents. He compared his opponent Valery Tsepkalo and his wife with pigs. According to Lukashenko, “from a boar, this man will be stillborn piglets, because the piglets are not as dependent on the sow”. Users of social networks noticed that this is an insult to the couple Tsepkalo, who used the method of artificial insemination.

Earlier it was reported that Tsepkalo collected necessary 100 thousand signatures of voters for registration as a candidate in the election. The politician did not demand the punishment for Lukashenko’s insults, and said that such behavior of the head of state “natural”.

Tsepkalo also believes that in the event of losing the election the current President should leave one of his residences in order to “grow potatoes there and cows”.

Election of the President of Belarus on 9 August. Officially, the preparations started on 8 may. At the moment the contenders for the presidency are collecting signatures to obtain the right of registration as a candidate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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