Naked TV presenter accidentally caught on video wife about yoga


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @AndreaDan

Leading American TV channel CNN Chris Cuomo accidentally hit the frame in the video his wife about yoga. Despite the fact that the entry was quickly removed, users have managed to make a screenshot, the newspaper the New York Post.

Chris Cuomo the SS together with his wife Christine lives in a private home in the Hamptons. It was there during the isolation of the patient with coronavirus Cuomo led the broadcast on CNN. The video, leaked, naked presenter stands with his back to the camera and face to the front lawn of the mansion.

Official representatives of the TV channel, and his wife Cuomo has ignored several emails and phone calls of journalists who wanted to confirm whether the figure in the background belongs to 49-year-old presenter, the younger brother of the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo.

A leading coronavirus had in April. However, in late may, he admitted that he doesn’t feel healthy until the end. According to him, a month after getting rid of COVID-19 he was quiet a strange feeling in the lungs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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