Russia will make a tank on wheels


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Kuzmin

On the basis of a unified inter-service armored wheeled platform “boomerang” it is possible to create a light tank, has declared “to Interfax” the General Director of “Military-industrial company” Alexander Krasovitsky.

According to him, on the platform, you can mount a weapon system with a cannon like the one that is available on self-propelled installation 2С25 “Sprut-SD”.

“The increasing dynamics of modern local conflicts requires high mobility as infantry and artillery weapons. If our customers need to create a fighting machine, then we’ll do it,” said the Manager.

In April 2019 Krasovitsky noted that the possibility of equipping promising wheeled platform “boomerang” remotely controlled 57-mm combat module “Dagger” depends on the interests of the customer.

In March 2018, he said that in Russia in the near future tank will be developed on the basis of “Boomerang”.

The first “boomerang” the General public showed in April 2015. Platform it is possible to create armored personnel carriers, wheeled infantry fighting vehicles and machines with heavy weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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