The flight attendant has revealed the value of the audio signal on Board the aircraft during the flight



The flight attendant has revealed the value of the audio signal applied on Board the aircraft during the flight. About it writes the Daily Express.

So, according to flight attendants, the call is heard immediately after takeoff and just before landing, signals the end or the beginning of the most dangerous stage of the journey and, thus, allows or denies crew members to move about the cabin.

In addition, the signals are, when on Board there is an emergency, nearing the zone of turbulence or when the flight attendants are in the different ends of the liner, need to speak.

“There are certain ways of communicating with the cockpit during the flight as well,” said the interlocutor of the portal. Pilot John Cox (John Cox) said that certain noises can mean, for example, that one of the pilots wants to drink a Cup of coffee.

At the same time, it is noted that a series of three or four sounds in a row may indicate a serious problem on Board — in particular, that one of the passengers needed emergency care or on the route expected complexity.

On 3 June it was reported that an unidentified flight attendant told us about the most outrageous actions of the passengers of the aircraft, with which it has faced during his career. In the first place the hostess indicated that most irritates her outrage passengers in response to a request to show a boarding pass before entering the plane.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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