The guy showed me the picture after the rejection of drugs and fall in love with people


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reddit

The lady Reddit Not-irene has published screenshots from Twitter with photos of a young man who was transformed after was able to overcome the addiction. Changes in appearance the guy was fascinated by many commentators. In a few hours, the publication gained almost 100 thousand likes, and the comments some people have admitted that they almost fell in love with him for photos.

From the post that follows, abandoning the drugs, the young man did not use any prohibited substances for 745 days. To photos he signed, “I looked like I was already dead, all the fucking time. Finally I’m alive!”

“You’re done! I personally know how hard it is to go through these changes. It’s almost a full-time job. Proud of you, dude!” — shared his thoughts bjornwjild. Many also noted that the hero of the photos seemed to them very attractive. In the end, the comment written and the hero photos. He thanked users for their kind words and admitted that he didn’t expect such popularity.

Earlier in June on Reddit was a post with photos of a girl who was also able to stop using drugs. The heroine of the publication spent several months in the hospital, survived heart surgery and was eventually able to change his life. In the comments of the post, many were surprised that she had changed beyond recognition, and admired the fact that she was able to overcome the addiction.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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