The Japanese tried to explain the protests in the United States and was known as a racist


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Employees of Japanese TV channel NHK made a video in which he tried to explain the causes of the protests and unrest that swept the United States after the death of the African-American George Floyd, and was known as a racist. About it writes on Tuesday, 9 June, Independent.

Animation was published in Twitter-account of the channel and are shown in one TV programs NHK on the evening of 7 June. With it, Japanese journalists trying to tell the audience about racial discrimination in the United States and the violation of the rights of African Americans, but in the end they themselves have been criticized by social media users, public figures and diplomats.

The dissatisfaction of the spectators was how in the video was portrayed African Americans — their images are considered too rude and stereotypical. So, according to the authors of the video, most of the protesters represent a muscular and aggressive men. “Any child who watches this, thought: “Yes, maybe these people are being treated unfairly… But they are huge, horrible and scary!”” — said the writer and activist of African-American origin, McNeil Bay (Baye McNeil), who currently lives in Japan.

Tennis player Naomi Osaka was considered a terrible movie and admitted that she was ashamed to call himself a Japanese, when she sees such things. At the U.S. Embassy in Japan also criticized used in video images, calling them offensive. In addition, the journalists were accused that they didn’t even mention in the video, Floyd, who died after a tough detention by the police.

Following this guide NHK decided to remove the tweet with the video and apologize for its publication. By the time videos in the Twitter-account of the TV channel managed to see more than 1 million people.

In the United States are currently undergoing mass protests that began after the death of another African American, George Floyd, who died a few hours after the arrest with force. The shares are accompanied by vandalism, looting and attacks on police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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