The passenger flew the plane in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus and shared experience


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Director of the airline, Spirit Airlines made several flights in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus and shared their experiences. His story publishes Forbes.

According to Ben Baldanza, June 5, he traveled from Boston to Washington and then back on the airline JetBlue. When the man arrived at the airport of departure in the first place, he was surprised that the Parking was cheaper and the queue for check-in and boarding the plane — less.

In addition, the passenger noted that almost all restaurants and cafes at both airports were closed, therefore running at this time, staff had nowhere to eat.

“On Board my aircraft both pilots and all flight attendants were wearing masks. On the flight to Boston is only about 25 passengers. Thanks to the new rules landing near the entrance to the salon was not crowded and the boarding pass now we need to attach to a special scanner, which helps to avoid unnecessary contact,” — said Baldanza.

In addition, he noted that as in the plane and in the airport an extra cleaning. “The bathrooms in the airport were clean and I saw staff regularly monitor it. Seat on Board the aircraft were also wiped out. Throughout the journey I constantly met people in masks with cleaning products in their hands,” — said the expert.

In conclusion, he assured that the employees of airports and airlines in the most part feel safe.

Earlier in June, frequent traveler and blogger, made a transatlantic flight during a pandemic coronavirus and also shared their experiences. According to Gilbert Ott (Ott Gilbert), who flew business class from London to new York with a stopover in Amsterdam airport, waiting for him triple check, and when he asked the employee at check-in about her day, she replied that he is in terrible stress.

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