The Russians called the danger of ice cream


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

The main danger is ice cream in a large sugar content. In an interview with Sputnik said medical journalist, physician Olga Kashubin.

She urged the Russians to monitor the consumption quantity of the product, not to exceed the daily norm of sugar. If a person follows the diet or does it have contraindications, for example, diseases of the teeth and gums, it is necessary to limit the consumption of sweets and regard it as dessert, not regular food.

Particularly harmful ice cream can be for children. “It can badly affect the health of the teeth, provoke tooth decay. Therefore, as a minimum, you should brush your teeth after you feed the child ice cream,” said Kashubina.

Another danger of the product is the holding of the lactose. Its presence in ice cream can provoke problems in people with lactose intolerance. “If you have an intolerance to milk because you didn’t have enough of the enzyme lactase after the ice cream, you can experience unpleasant symptoms in the intestine. In this case it is better to eat ice cream in a small amount,” — said the therapist. She explained that these symptoms are not dangerous, if the person has no allergies, but usually these people know this and don’t eat ice cream.

Kashubina concluded that eating ice cream in the heat does not affect health. “Ice cream will not be able to drastically reduce body temperature to the person injured by the temperature difference. Osiplosti voices stems from the fact that freeze the vocal cords. It is not dangerous for health and does not affect the well-being,” she concluded.

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