The Russians have listed the advantages of life without traveling


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

Russian tourists have listed the advantages of life without traveling in connection with the introduction against the background of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions. This is evidenced by the results of the research service of the OneTwoTrip travel, arrived in edition “”.

According to the findings, the majority of Russians, 75 percent, believe that the positive aspects in the circumstances, no — they found only a third of respondents. So, many of them (38 percent) said the main advantage of situation money savings.

A little less of the study participants, 31 percent have noticed that, in the absence of the travel they had more time to Hobbies — art, sports and learning new skills. Another 24 percent admitted that the break allowed them to carefully plan future travel.

At the same time, 16 percent of respondents said that the benefits of the situation is that they do not have to be sad in connection with the termination of any trip, as it will not happen.

5 June it was reported that Russian tourists have uncovered ways to save money on vacation after the lifting of restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. More than half of travelers (52.3%) can abandon the impulse purchases during the holidays. 38.3% of the respondents intend not to eat in restaurants and to cook, and 35.2 percent will stop spending money on entertainment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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