Transgender model complained about the abuse of men under a photo in underwear


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @teddy_quinlivan

The American model and open transgender Quinlivan Theodora (Theodora Quinlivan) published in social networks a picture in underwear and complained of abuse by men. Post appeared in her Instagram account.

On pictures 25-year-old Quinlivan posing sideways to the camera in a black bra, corset, long gloves and carnival mask on her face.

In the description under the photo the model told about the hard life in Los Angeles and the humiliation that she had to endure after she admitted others in the sex change.

“I was insulted in the face, and behind. I wasn’t invited to the party, because somebody’s career down the drain just because he talks to transgender — complained the girl. — If you judged me so harshly for something they can’t even see it.”

At the same time, according to Quinlivan, she was constantly subjected to sexual harassment by men. However, once the model has told them the truth about their physiology, they immediately began to mock her and discriminate against her.

In conclusion, the American urged followers not to be afraid of their desires and to stop hating herself for the attraction to transgender women.

In may, the transgender actress and LGBT activist Laverne Cox posted a photo, which depicted in a blazer over his naked body. In the photo a woman poses for the camera in a black unbuttoned jacket with no underwear and trousers from latex. She also told me about your leisure during the regime of self-isolation: the actress spends days in solitude and practicing meditation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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