Yefremov asked to be judged according to the law


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Actor Mikhail Yefremov asked to judge it according to the law and is ready for a real prison term for the accident in a drunken state, and the death of a man. This was reported by his colleague, the actor of theater “Contemporary” Ivan stebunov, appeared on the scene, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“He’s in shock, we are all in shock. Just horror. But he’s aware. I ran up to him when he was in the back seat of a police car saying, “what are You doing?!” And he sits, leaned my head to the window: “John, everything. This is the end”. Of course, he realizes his guilt. Said, “Let everything be according to the law”,” — said Stebunov.

He stressed that Efremov “answer for what you’ve done”. “Of course, already connected to many people, he is looking for a lawyer. But he is ready for a real date. He is ready to answer,” added the actor.

Publication of chain announced that Stebunov was in the car with Ephraim in the time of the accident. Internet users had hit him with criticism. The artist has denied this information, noting that arrived at the scene after the accident.

The accident occurred on the evening of June 8 in the area of Smolenskaya square in Moscow. Car Yefremov, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, flew into the oncoming lane and collided with a small van, at the wheel which was Sergei Zakharov. He later died in hospital from blood loss and his injuries. The artist himself is practically not injured and was released under recognizance not to leave.

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