A mysterious creature with a scary huge eyes turned out to be salmon king


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In the neighborhood of the U.S. city of Port Angeles, Washington, sapserver found a rare fish with huge eyes. It is reported by Komo News.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, called up the staff area, when found in the water “a huge and mysterious dead creature with frighteningly huge eyes.”

The representative of the local environmental organizations Carly Vester (Vester Carly) said that the find was identified as a salmon king. It is very surprised, because normally this fish lives at depths up to 900 meters. Before the salmon kings have seen four or five times between Washington and the canadian province of British Columbia.

Specimen found measured, its length was 1.3 meters, the largest members of the species can reach lengths of 1.8 meters. Wester noted that the fish eye was really huge — “the size of a coffee Cup”.

The unusual name of fish gave the Indians the Mac. They believed that the salmon king leads the salmon to spawn. King was strictly forbidden to catch and eat, so as not to destroy salmon.

In August, 2019 in Russia for the first time caught the herring king. According to the signs, this fish is a harbinger of earthquakes or tsunami — deep-water inhabitants sensitive to the movements of the sea soil.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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