Death marching to the amendment Trushkina came as a surprise to colleagues


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The death of the writer-satirist Anatoly Trushkina came as a surprise to some of his colleagues on stage. In particular, the shock from what happened with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” shared comedian Klara Novikova. She called up and Trushkina, who shortly before his death was on the mend and getting ready for discharge from the hospital.

According to her, not so long ago, Trushkina was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward in the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka. “I talked to him on Saturday (June 6 — approx. “Of the”). Said that it is discharged in five days” — said Novikov.

Novikov said that they had planned and Trushkina to write new numbers. The artist explained that the wife of the satirist Natalia also contracted a new virus, but the disease proceeded in the form of light, not like my husband.

The Joker complained of withdrawal in Moscow a regime of self-isolation: Novikova fears that “people will start to hurt with new power.” The artist noticed that in all that time, left the house three times. “I’m in shock from what was going on. Tolin’s death is another tragedy of our time”, — concluded the artist.

78-year-old satirist Anatoly Trushkin died in the hospital where he received treatment from the coronavirus. He got worse on the evening of 9 June. The comedian was hospitalized a month ago with a confirmed test for the coronavirus. Trushkin stressed that the observed regime of self-isolation and went outside only in the nearest grocery store. During treatment, Trushkina connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV).

The works of satirist at different times read such humorists as Mikhail Evdokimov, Roman Kartsev, Efim Shifrin, Yan Arlazorov, Klara Novikova and Vladimir Vinokur. Trushkin also independently read their own work and regularly participated in humorous programs on television. Some of his stories for children were included in a newsreel “jumble”.

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