Disclosed the reason for high male mortality in the coronavirus


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Medical authorities of the state of Ohio (USA) discovered the reason of the high mortality rate from coronavirus among men. Researchers believe that the problem is related to gender stereotypes, the newspaper reports MedicalXpress.

According to official data by state to may 27, the region lost by the pandemic COVID-19 2044 inhabitants, of whom 52 percent were male. According to Professor of epidemiology medical College of Ohio state University bill Miller (Bill Miller), high mortality can be explained by the attitude to the problem among different genders. “Men are notorious for being put off a visit to the doctor,” said Miller. According to him, the male part of the population in the majority of cases do not go to the doctor even if symptoms COVID-19.

From the point of view of our colleagues agree specialist nonprofit hospitals OhioHealth Dr. Joseph Gastaldo (Joseph Gastaldo): “any disease is a sign of weakness, it is lodged in the subconscious of many people.” Another reason for the increased mortality Joseph Gastaldo the fact that a “male” profession demanded immediate presence at work even during of quarantine measures — for example, in emergency services or in construction.

According to statistics collected in 2018, the nonprofit organization Kaiser Family Foundation, about 26 percent of the residents are male in Ohio do not have doctors or do not apply to the health authorities. In the whole USA, the figure is even higher — it is 28 percent.

Citing additional arguments, Dr. Miller emphasized that men from Ohio are more likely to suffer diseases of the lungs, heart and kidneys by which coronavirus strikes in the first place. According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 22 percent of men in the region are smokers. For comparison, a bad habit exposed to 19 percent of women in the state.

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