Fat girl starred in exposing part of a breast bikini and was criticized


www.vsyako.netMichelle Juliet of Nylotto: @michellejulietnaylaa

Plus size model Michelle Juliet Nayla (Nayla Michelle Juliet) starred in a swimsuit popular retailer Boohoo and was criticized by users of social networks. Reported by the Daily Star.

Fat girl imprinted itself on the camera in the mirror. In the picture she sits on her bed in a bright pink bikini, exposing part of her Breasts, the straps of the top fastened behind her neck.

“Wake up and immediately put on a bikini is a blessing”, signed Niall Instagram post, which gathered ten thousand likes.

Some members enthusiastically reacted to the publication in the review complimented the model. Others, however, decided that the design of the swimsuit is not suitable for such a large girl. “I like your confidence, but swimsuit you is clearly not going” “such a physique, I would not be photographed in a bathing suit,” “Not very nice to look at this”, “is Bad, Boohoo” — said they.

The model specified is called Paisley Halterneck swimsuit bikini Boohoo and sold on the website of the brand for nine pounds (less than a thousand).

In may the full and slim models took video of the fitting of the same swimwear to show how the same outfit looks on girls of different sizes. Posted on video celebrities to pose in red and white bikini with a beach skirt and bright shirt, and also in leopard print complete with a black shawl tied around her waist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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