Named the most valuable superhero of kynoselen Marvel


www.vsyako.netFrame: the movie “the Avengers”

Named the most valuable superhero of kynoselen Marvel. It is reported portal Screen Rant, citing a study conducted by the online Film Franchise Showdown.

Analyzed 23 Studio film: they are sorted on repayment and reviews of film critics. Account of budgets production, cash collections, evaluation on IMDb and other similar services, nominations and awards at festivals.

The character of Hawkeye that appeared in six blockbusters and played by actor Jeremy Renner, was the most valuable. In the case of him, the index of profitability of investments amounted to 5.3 for one movie. In second place is Star Lord, and the third is a Black Widow. In addition, the top five included Captain America and Iron man.

In 2019, the newspaper The Independent made a rating of the characters in the franchise “the Avengers”. The worst acknowledged warrior. According to journalists, this character similar to Iron man, devoid of humor and history. Playing him in “Iron man,” Terrence Howard left the project, after which that role was taken don Cidla.

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