New York decided to hang about inscriptions black


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Idris Solomon / Reuters

Each area of new York appears Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”) in honor of the movement against violence against the black population. It is reported by Newsweek.

The decision to hang the city was taken amid increasing unrest and ongoing protests. According to the mayor of new York bill de Blasio, it will allow recognize the significance of the idea, which carries the slogan Black Lives Matter and that was mistakenly rejected during the greater part of American history, the idea of combating all types of discrimination.

Representatives of the movement praised the plans of the authorities. During a meeting with the mayor of one of the activists stressed the need to counter the incorrect behavior of the police to prevent violence.

The first inscription Black Lives Matter appears on the street where is located the city hall. The location of the other will be determined in the coming days.

In the past two weeks in new York, like many other cities, was gripped by mass protests against police brutality. The occasion was the death of the black American George Floyd after a hard arrest. According to police, the demonstrators have caused significant damage to the cities, because the speeches of the activists was accompanied by vandalism, looting and pillaging.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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