On the Haftarot in Libya launched a series of airstrikes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stephanie Keith / Reuters

The national consensus government (NTC) of Libya launched a series of airstrikes on supporters of the Libyan national army (LNA) field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot in the city of Sirte. It is reported by Anadolu news Agency with reference to press Secretary of the General staff of the NTC of Libya Mohammed Kununu.

According to him, the government army of Libya continues its operation against the mercenaries of the Haftarot, operating in Libyan Sirte, 450 kilometers East of Tripoli, the country’s capital. He also noted that the population is recommended to leave the combat zone. Sununu stressed that this call was made last time. “We will not abandon the stated purpose and get control of Sirte legitimate government of Libya,” he said.

Earlier, the representative of LNA Ahmed al-Mismari announced the change of strategy of the army of Haftarot in the region. According to him, the LDF will actively use aircraft.

As reported on 4 June, the government rejected the Libyan national army from the capital region. After that it was announced the restoration of full government control over the administrative borders of Tripoli. Later it became known about the return of control over the areas of al-vashka and al-Baghla.

The situation in Libya had deteriorated after April, the LNA declared the assumption of power in the country. Currently, the army of the Haftarot fighting with NTC forces and suffers a defeat: the internationally recognized government has rejected the LDF fighters from the country’s capital.

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