Russia to create “Surrogate”


www.vsyako.netImage: CDB “Rubin”

Research work, involving the creation of marine robotic complex “Surrogate” for simulating a submarine, completed, reported TASS General Director of “Rubin” Igor Vilinet.

“The results of this work communicated to the relevant organizations of the Ministry of defense of Russia, there are consultations”, — said the expert.

Villeneuve also revealed plans of “Rubin”. “In the long run, the experts of the Bureau outlined the creation of a global network, consisting of a large number of underwater deep-sea submersibles, AUV [Autonomous underwater vehicle] light class, gliders, means of illumination of an underwater environment, the UAV [unmanned aerial vehicles], communications and other components, providing carrying out large-scale scientific and exploratory missions,” said the CEO.

In fevrate 2019 “Izvestia” wrote that the Navy of Russia will receive unmanned underwater swimming apparatus, capable of reproducing magneto-acoustic characteristics of the different submarines.

Drone “Surrogate” has a length of 17 meters. The estimated displacement of the product is 40 tons. Immersion depth up to 600 meters. Maximum speed — 24 knots, cruising range — more than 600 nautical miles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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