Samburski Bonya called “actinulae” from the face of cattle


www.vsyako.netAnastasia Samburskaja: @samburskaya

TV presenter and former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Bonya said actress and TV presenter Anastasia Samburski, which recorded a parody. In his Instagram Bonia called Samburski “actially” and posted the video.

Dissatisfaction with a model called movie, which is Anastasia mocks her appearance and facial expressions: according to Samburski, because of the braces face Bonnie lost mobility. Victoria herself has indicated that there are several types of women. “Some of them look like chmoshnitsa, and they love it. There are feminine, which look very gentle, I do not belong to such. And there are women that can afford to be beautiful, well-groomed,” he considered Bonia, while not noting what species Samburski. She stated that she has not lost the facial expressions and stressed that only likes to make faces in public.

“If you can disable their facial expressions, due to the fact that you control it, and others think that you’re all plastic and suspenders, it means you’re working on it,” wrote a leading. In the video, she criticized the behavior Samburski and advised her to do gymnastics for the face. “Learn to be an actress, not actrually of the series, which can only make the same facial expressions — the face of the cattle,” said Bonia. She also noted that he wanted to put Samburski in place and prove to her that “her brain is the size of a pine nut is able to think about.”

In April Samburski told that became a victim of domestic violence. However, she refused to say from whom it “grab” because he doesn’t want “Kapitsa on that.” Many Twitter users criticized Samburski and felt that it made a mockery of real victims of domestic violence, to mock them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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