The man bought a used car and found cocaine inside hundreds of thousands of dollars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Webb County Sheriff’s Office

An American resident of Texas, bought a used car and found inside packages of cocaine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was reported on the website of the Drive.

May 30 the man, who wished to remain anonymous, went to the police station of the district of Webb. He stated that he recently bought at auction a car, inside which were the drugs. The patrolman examined the car and found the interior 34 of the package of cocaine.

The cost of the drugs found is estimated at 850 thousand dollars (58.4 million rubles).

Sheriff Martin Cuellar (Martin Cuellar) thanked the American for the assistance and urged other citizens to follow his example. “I want to thank and celebrate the achievements of a man who reported to us about drugs. If he weren’t so honest, drugs would fall into the wrong hands,” he stressed.

In March it was reported that police detained for violating the quarantine, an old resident of the Spanish municipality of Villafranca and found her drugs. 80-year-old retiree explained that he was in a hurry to take them to her granddaughter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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