The man dropped 37 pounds and revealed his secret weight loss


www.vsyako.netIn sushant of Srivastava: from personal archive

Resident Indian city of Mysore, Karnataka, in Sushant K. Srivastava (Sushant Srivastava) told how was able to lose 37 pounds in a year. His secret shared, the Times of India.

22-year-old student admitted that he was upset because of the constant biting comments of others and their unsolicited advice about his excess weight. At some point, when Srivastava gained weight up to 115 pounds, he decided to lose weight to look better and to show offenders that he has willpower.

K. Srivastava started eating healthy food and doing sports. Since its environment was not enthusiastic fitness people, he began to study the programs online training. Most Indian like training with weights, high-intensity training (HIIT) and crossfit.

Instead of fast food and high-calorie snacks Srivastava now eats Greek yogurt, flatbread chapatti, omelette and chicken on the grill. After training, he is drinking a homemade protein smoothie. Once a week he allows himself to eat something harmful to dilute routine.

Indian believes the main secret of losing weight consistency and orderliness: “Most people can’t achieve their fitness goals because they’re waiting to see what happens to them a miracle. But weight loss is not always an exciting process. He is not even linear: first you lost a little weight, then gained, then again dropped, and all this is repeated again and again.”

K. Srivastava added that every time he wants to give up, he thinks he has achieved too much to re-gain lost so hard to pounds.

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