The MiG-35 received Rita


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitriy Pichugin / Wikimedia

The Russian MiG-35 equipped with the speech informant Rita, told RIA Novosti the test pilot “MiG” Dmitry Selivanov.

“The girl says, a pleasant, calm voice, even if a fire engine happens to be,” said the pilot.

According to him, the aircraft involved in the training of Arab pilots, Rita said a male voice. “I asked you a question, like, why? To which I replied that a Muslim may not listen to a woman a hint,” said the pilot.

In February in the journal the National Interest, stated that the MiG-35 is positioned to “Moment” as a generation 4++ fighter due to the fact that the manufacturer “wants to present it not the next upgrade, and a huge technical leap over the MiG-29”.

In February 2019, the Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev reported that India has asked Russia to provide “greater reliability” of fourth-generation fighters MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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