The network stood up for refused to carry a black student taxi driver


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Ivanko / “Kommersant”

Twitter users criticized the service “Yandex.Taxi” dismissal of the driver from Bryansk, who refused to carry a black student. For such posts in the social network launched a special hashtag #indexcard of. Other people accused using the hashtag racism.

The authors of the posts, to stand up for the taxi driver, accused of “Yandex.Taxi” in infringement of the rights of drivers as well as attempts to follow a social agenda. “Why @yandextaxi allows political expediency to affect relations with employees? Why some internal American chips like “racism” determine your behavior?” — posted by Kirill Kamintse. “If you want to play dirty SJW games in Russia, you pay for it,” added @rolocaust and encouraged other users to understate the rating of the application “Yandex.Taxi” in the AppStore and Google Play Market.

Some also said it was wrong to dismiss a person during “the epidemic and crisis”. “With this attitude to their employees — just remove the” — shared Nobody. In addition, “Yandex.Taxi” called national traitors and accused of pandering to the “leftist trend”.

However, many users considered the service of critics racists. “The crowd degradantov believes that to dismiss a person, which is almost plain text said that you are not lucky man because of his skin color, is wrong. Understand. People, racism is shit. Not because of the summons. It’s just shit and always has. “Yandex” right from any point of view,” said the Queen of Lame. “Racists, go to hell,” summed up a user with the nickname tooth fairy.

Cuckold — one who engages in sexual practices, watching his partner have sex with another person. In a broad sense the word is used to insult people, which, according to critics, SAG under someone else’s requirements.

On 9 June it became known that the driver of a taxi in Bryansk refused to take the student from Africa. The network was published a video in which the driver stated that the passenger he dislikes, and therefore he has the right not to go anywhere. On the question of the student whether he is a racist, the man replied in the affirmative.

The Company “Yandex.Taxi” later contacted the student and apologized. The driver, who refused to take the Africans have been disconnected from the service.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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