The Russians warned of the dangers when choosing strawberries


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Dietitian Margaret Arzumanian warned the Russians about possible dangers when you select strawberries. She told radio Sputnik.

According to the specialist, in this season the berries have to choose carefully, as due to rainy season and pandemic a quality product will be less. The first thing to pay attention to their color. “The brighter the strawberries, the more it contains vitamins,” she said. Contained in strawberries is anthocyanin, which gives it a red color, fights free radicals, protects the body from premature aging and has anti-inflammatory effect. And bright berries that have been grown in the sun, contain much more vitamin C.

However, appearance does not always indicate quality. Sometimes farmers colored the berries using a special fertilizer to give them a presentation. Therefore, you should pay attention to the smell of strawberries, and stem. “She must be, and only green”, said the nutritionist. A white strip on it indicates that berries treated with chemicals.

Arzumanyan recalled that strawberry provokes the production of histamine can cause an allergic reaction, both false and real. “So it is better to start with small portions and monitor the reaction of the body”, she concluded.

Last year Roskoshestvo reminded that quality seasonal berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, currants and gooseberries, can be distinguished by the green stalks and leaves and uniform color.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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