The Russians warned of the products with E. coli


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Buying with owner of fresh milk or slicing cheese and meat in supermarkets is a threat to health. The Russians warned the experts Roskoshestvo, reports TASS.

These products may be contaminated with E. coli, the consequences of the bad sanitary conditions of production or problems in storage or transportation.

For example, a slicer that slices cheese and meat products not sterilized after each use. And if the bacterium was infected with a single product, E. coli can get on all other goods, passed through the device.

Also, the group of E. coli found in raw vegetables, fruits and greens, meat and meat products, dairy products. The best way to deal with the bacteria is heat treatment — E. coli is killed at a temperature of 60 degrees in 15 minutes.

One of the most resistant bacteria is Salmonella, which is even frozen depending on the product can be stored up to one year and to reproduce. These bacteria are killed when heated to 56 degrees 45-60 minutes, to 70 in 5-10 minutes, and when boiling die right away.

The Brucella, which are found in milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, koumiss and meat, dies within hours at 55 degrees, 10 minutes at 70 degrees, and the boiling — in a few seconds.

Meat you need to fry or boil to avoid infection campilobacteria, and raw or poorly salted fish is fraught with the ingestion of larvae of anisakid.

Previously, experts of Roskoshestvo told about toxic substances contained in fruits and vegetables.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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