The trump decision on the withdrawal of American troops from Germany called it a bad strategy


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The decision of the President of the United States Donald trump on the withdrawal of about a quarter of American troops based in Germany, is ineffective and financially irresponsible. This was in the edition of Newsweek wrote Dr. John R. Deni, a Professor at the Army war College, USA and author of “NATO and Article 5,” noting that this is a bad strategy.

Last week, the administration trump announced the decision to reduce the number of American troops, which is in Germany. Presumably, this decision was made because of the cooperation of Germany with Russia on the project “Nord stream-2”, and due to the fact that Washington believes that Berlin does not allocate enough funds for military spending, the author writes.

Since the end of the cold war and until about 2015 the number of American troops in Europe has been steadily declining, says the Professor. He writes that the process is consistent, but gradual reduction ended after “Russia has turned the situation in the field of security in Europe by invading Ukraine and illegally annexing Crimea.”

Administration, trump acknowledged, “these crimes”, says Denis, and the serious risks they represent, not only for Europe but also for American security. In the national security strategy of the authority as of December 2017, clearly stated that Russia is trying to shape the world that contradicts the values and interests of the United States, including by separating the United States from its allies in Europe, writes Denis. In response, over the past few years, Washington’s policy towards Europe and Russia has changed, including by changing the trend to reduce the presence of American troops in Europe. USA did it in coordination with its allies in Europe, which increased defense spending and also increase the number of armed forces and their presence in Eastern Europe.

American withdrawal from Europe now would be a step backwards and would undermine a large part of the progress of the last two administrations that have weakened America’s security abroad and within the country, says the Professor. He noted that this step probably is to unbalance the enemy of America upset the balance of American security. According to Denis, the solution trump is short-sighted and “gives the victory to Russian President Vladimir Putin, without getting anything in return.” He also notes that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany is unlikely to change the position of Berlin regarding the project “Northern stream-2” and rescind its decision regarding the costs of the defense.

Denis summed up his arguments by saying that the administration’s decision trump is financially irresponsible at a time when the budget for military spending may be subject to downward pressure due to pandemic coronavirus.

Previously, the magazine Forbes Russia predicted a quick victory over NATO countries after Germany will be withdrawn a part of the American troops.

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