Chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine fined for violation of quarantine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters

Chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko fined for violation of quarantine after visiting cafes together with President Vladimir Zelensky. He said this in his Facebook.

“The most expensive coffee in my life, literally,” wrote Lyashko. Now he will have to pay a fine of 17 thousand UAH (44 156 rubles).

For the same amount fined and Zelensky. The coffee shop can impose a fine in the amount of 34 thousand UAH (88 of 312 rubles).

Earlier, the Minister explained that the visit to the cafe was not a violation of the quarantine rules, and check their compliance before the opening of schools.

Zelensky violated the rules of the quarantine imposed because of a pandemic of mers after drinking coffee 3 Jun inside one of the restaurants in Kiev. At the same time until June 5 food service establishments in Ukraine could only work to take away or take visitors on a summer terrace. The police promised to investigate the incident and if necessary to fine Zelensky.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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