Father received intimate photos from a friend’s daughter and ashamed


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37-year-old father of the family told me about the unusual situation faced. 19-year-old friend of his daughter was to send him intimate photos and have signs of attention, and he blocked it. Ashamed father turned for advice to the users of Reddit, because they do not know what to do, and feels guilty about the reaction to the actions of the girl.

According to the user with the nickname idkdude56, the daughter met a friend named Brooke (Brooke) in College about a year ago. “Brooke came to our house very often and always in her presence I felt uncomfortable,” explained the father. According to the man, she was not hitting directly, but pay attention to him, he tried to keep his distance and ignored her.

One night the author of the post came three messages from an unknown number. They were erotic text and two intimate photos without a face. While the man was trying to understand, could he send such one of the former girls, come the video, which was the visible face Brooke.

From a loss because of the incident he came to his daughter and told her about the photographs and videos from her friends. The girl said that he gave the friend his phone number and she is surprised by her actions. In the end, they quarreled and stopped talking. Man wrote to Brooke that she never left him a message and blocked her number.

The girl kept trying to get his attention, write a personal message in Instagram. Brooke considered that the object of her lust was wrong, telling her daughter about intimate photos. The girl is upset, and the man started feeling guilty and thought, whether correctly received. However, in the comments most of the users supported his decision to stop any communication with your ex-girlfriend daughter.

Earlier, a Reddit user with the nickname Commander_reload told how accidentally learned the intimate secrets of the dead mother. According to him, it happened when he, along with his sister was unpacking women.

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