Found benefits of not travelling abroad in a pandemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen / Reuters

Tourists who are not able to travel due to the introduction on the background of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions, it is necessary to find pluses in the circumstances. The corresponding list was published by the Daily Mail.

First and foremost, the authors of the material, the positive effect of the lack of travel in the case of a beach vacation is that travelers do not have to prepare for it and to lose weight. In addition they will not touch the problems with sunburn or burns and allergic to the sun.

In addition, campers will be able to avoid the early mornings to the Breakfast buffet, as well as overpayments for service in cafes and restaurants — for example, for a basket of bread which they enjoyed.

Finally, tourists will not lose time in queues at the airport, will RUB his shoulders and hands heavy bags, you won’t mistake your bag with someone else’s in the process of getting it. Also, according to the journalists, travelers will get rid of the extra spending on Souvenirs for colleagues, rent, and Parking and resort fees.

9 June it was reported that Russian tourists have listed the advantages of life without traveling in connection with the introduction against the background of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions. So, many of them named the main advantage of situation money savings. A little less than the Russians noticed that, in the absence of the travel they had more time to Hobbies — art, sports and learning new skills.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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