In Russia father left for a few days, the child fell from the fifth floor and survived


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

In Kirov of the Kaluga region, a local resident left for a few days eight-year-old son alone in the apartment and went to work in Moscow. The child tried to go out through the window of the fifth floor and fell. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the regional Prosecutor’s office.

According to the Investigative Committee (IC), the boy went to the balcony, I saw on the street his friends and jumped to them. After the fall the child survived, but suffered multiple injuries. At the moment he is in intensive care.

“In connection with the incident, the Prosecutor’s office checks the rights of eight-year-old child, including by its legal representative, bodies of system of prevention of neglect and offenses of minors”, — reported in Prosecutor’s office.

In the regional Department of the investigative Committee said that the mother had lost her parental rights, but the family is not on the account as unsuccessful.

Earlier in Zelenograd 10-year-old child, who suffers from sleepwalking fell from the window of the apartment on the sixth floor and survived. He fell on a Bush that softened the fall. After the boy was hospitalized with a closed abdominal trauma, a bruise of a thorax and cranial-a brain trauma. His father realized that the child goes to the side in sleep.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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