Italy has resumed sales of homes for 1 Euro


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The epidemic of coronavirus has caused significant damage to the Italian real estate market, however, after the lifting of restrictions in the country, he gradually began to recover. Cinquemani commune, located in the Calabria region, was first resumed sales of homes worth 1 Euro. It is reported by CNN travel.

The municipality declared victory over the infection and expressed hope that the status of “free from COVID-19” seat help to attract new people and to solve the demographic problem. The fact that young people are forced to leave these places in search of work. As a result, the population is shrinking and the villages are dying out.

According to the mayor Cinquegrani, the situation is so serious that the rescue plan of the commune was codenamed “Operation beauty”. Search for new home owners is an integral part of the program of reconstruction of destroyed parts of the municipality. This contributes to a positive epidemiological situation in Cinquegrani not recorded a single case of infection among residents. The region is also considered the most secure in Italy from the point of view of possibility of infection.

The only requirements that apply to buyers, is the need to renovate the purchased building for three years. In other regions, is usually required to leave a Deposit in the amount of five thousand euros. If the conditions are not met, the money is not returned. In Cinquegrani system works a little differently. The buyer pays only one fee size of 250 euros, while restoration works are conducted. If for three years they are not completed, the home owner will be fined 20 thousand Euro, but the initial fee will not be taken in favor of the state.

At the beginning of this year, the sale of houses at a price of 1 Euro has started in the municipality of Bisaccia. Then put up for sale 90 historic buildings. “Newcomers are treated and care about them. We want this place shining again”, — said the Deputy mayor of the city.

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