Named a way to combat gray hair


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The doctor-triholog Olga Cohas called the way of dealing with the gray in an interview with radio Sputnik.

According to her, pulling out gray hair is a inefficient method. “If the process of hair graying has begun, it will be gradual or fairly aggressive in stressful situations”, — said the expert.

KOGAS explained that stress affects the spasm of the vessels leading to poor circulation. In the result, the cells cease to function properly.

The doctor noted that for visual effect to get rid of gray hair by using hair dye. However, in order to pause or slow down the graying process specialist advised to use lotions for hair growth with copper content. KOGAS said that copper helps the cells to develop pigment.

In July 2019 women revealed the cunning methods to which they resort in an attempt to hide the gray hair, in a study of a brand of care products for hair Pantene. The survey was attended by two thousand women. Some of them admitted that, finding the first gray hair on my head, they plucked them with tweezers. Others said that they wear bright clothes, in order to distract attention from his grey hair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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