New rule after the pandemic in the popular resort has caused fury among tourists


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jon Nazca / Reuters

A new rule on the popular resorts of Spain, under which customers must pay an additional fee in the bars and restaurants had sparked fury among tourists. About it writes the Daily Express.

As says the publication, in the accounts of local food service establishments after the pandemic coronavirus, in addition to service charge and VAT, there is another item “COVID-premium”. The average amount paid is not more than one Euro, however most people resented the change.

In particular, one customer tweeted a photo of their receipt in the Spanish restaurant where it was stated that, for two bottles of beer together with all fees he has to pay almost 12 Euro. The post quickly became viral online and sparked fury among commentators.

In turn, the local Association for the protection of the rights of consumers (FACUA) stated that such innovations are illegal and customers have the right to refuse payment of allowances.

It is noted that such a decision may be due to the fact that the hospitality industry is greatly affected by the imposed on the background of the outbreak of limitations, especially in those countries which are popular among tourists.

On 11 June it was reported that after the recession of the coronavirus pandemic, many facilities and services that are accustomed to travelers, can disappear in connection with the adaptation to new rules and safety standards. Predicted, in particular, that some airlines will refuse to feed hot meals to passengers and replace them with snacks in safe packaging to minimize the interaction between the flight attendants and tourists.

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