Ohlobystin said about the “two victims” in the accident with Ephraim


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin said about the “two victims” in the accident with the actor Mikhail Efremov. Post on this topic he has published on his page in “Vkontakte”.

According to Okhlobystin, the victim of the accident was not only the courier Sergey Zakharov, but he Yefremov. “Two people were killed —Sergei and Michael. An innocent victim and a goner. And that, and the other is family. They should not suffer from the hatred fomented by unscrupulous media. They are the victims,” wrote the actor.

He urged to show compassion for any human life, including the life of Ephraim. “Let him condemn the court, we already at this stage is not needed. This is such a wicked lesson to all who are “walking on the edge”,” said Okhlobystin.

“Misha is not a pious rogue, and especially not Christ. Misha — the lost sheep, or rather a drunk sheep, rushing ahead. The paradox lies in the fact that this is it and loved lately, so admired,” — said the actor.

He admitted that the story of Ephraim helped him to reconsider his attitude to many things, including the Ukrainians. According Ohlobystina, “Holy rage” caused by the tragedy in the trade unions Building in Odessa, don’t give him the right to hate all the people.

On the evening of 8 June Efremov staged accident in Central Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van, the van driver Sergey Zakharov died in hospital due to blood loss.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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