Paris Hilton has supported gays in the rainbow bathing suit


www.vsyako.netParis Hilton Photo: @parishilton

Actress and former heir to Hilton hotel Empire, Paris Hilton has shared a candid shot in a bikini in support of the LGBT community. The publication appeared in her Instagram account.

39-year-old celebrity was captured in the background of the sky and rainbows in a swimsuit the same color. Hilton posed for pictures with bright makeup in purple shades. Long hair she gathered in a high ponytail, and on the neck wearing a silver necklace in the shape of a cross. “Rainbow is my favorite color”, — signed post actress.

Members also liked the look of Hilton and admired her creativity. “You’re a ray of sunshine in the darkness. I love you, Paris!”, “My Queen,” “I love you!”, “And you’re my favorite color”, “Icon”, “My favorite person in this world,” commented fans.

The former successor of hotel Empire Hilton has posted a few pictures in dresses of rainbow colors in honor of the Month of the rights of gays and lesbians (Gay and Lesbian Pride Month), which is celebrated annually in the United States in June. A memorable date was chosen in connection with the clashes between the representatives of sexual minorities and police in new York in 1969. A decree on the celebration of the Month of the rights of gays and lesbians was signed in 2000.

In may, Paris Hilton has posted a candid video in swimsuit in honor of National Burger day. She posed for pictures in a black one complete with cutouts at the chest and back. Posted the video the first Hilton washing a car, and then begins to eat the Burger. It is known that in the United States named as holiday is celebrated on may 28.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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