Professors in the United States was suspended from work after refusing to simplify bills exams


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An American Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles Gordon Klein (Klein Gordon) was suspended from work after rejection letter to simplify to black the exams. About it reports The Daily Mail.

It is known that Professor Klein has been teaching for 39 years in accounting. After the death of a black security guard George Floyd some “nechemya allies black” sent him a letter asking for special treatment to blacks in the issuance of the final assessments in the online course. The justification given was the argument that some students began to engage in street activism.

It is noted that Klein refused to make concessions that will allow “no harm” to take the final exam for the course. In particular, it was offered to simplify the exams or to extend deadlines for qualification works. He cited in support of its position the words of the leader of the movement for civil rights of blacks Martin Luther king, who urged to abandon its special relationship with skin color. In addition, the teacher in response to the letter pointed out that on the Internet he doesn’t even know which of his students are black. “And what if the student is of mixed origin, for example, half African American, half Asian? (…) The full page or just half?” — he wrote.

After that, the students posted the correspondence to the public and has created a petition demanding the University to dismiss Klein. It talks about “extremely insensitive, dismissive and unfortunate racist response to a request from their students about empathy and compassion in a time of civil unrest”. The appeal was signed by about 20 thousand people. In the end, the University temporarily suspended the teacher from work for three weeks for a “sarcastic letter”. It is noted that the address of the teacher began to receive threats, police took control of his house.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. city of Richmond (Virginia) protesters over the death of Floyd demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus. In place of the statue, the demonstrators have put a sign saying “Columbus symbolizes the genocide.”

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