Ribs six-month Russian baby had grown huge tumors


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Shipitsin / RIA Novosti

In Moscow the surgeons Morozov children’s city clinical hospital removed the six-month baby sprouted from the edges of the huge tumor and reconstructed the ruined skeleton of the thorax with the help of special bio-organic material. This was reported in the Metropolitan health Department, reports the Agency “Moscow” on Thursday, June 11.

The child was hospitalized with complaints of lump in left side of chest. Computed tomography showed a baby a huge education in the left and right parts of the thorax, which are defined as embryonic hamartoma — an extremely rare type of tumor. According to the head of thoracic surgical Department of the hospital Oleg Topilin, the tumor was required immediately to remove, so they do not become malignant, together with three ribs on the right and two on the left.

“For a young patient is a disaster — would be disrupted, the protective function of the thorax. We were limited in the choice of organ-saving techniques, because traditional fasteners, rods or plates that are used in adults would condemn the child to constant reconstructive surgery to the extent of its growth,” said the doctor.

In the end the surgeons gave to the child the plastic chest of his own fabrics and special biomaterial, which will increase over time vessels will continue to grow with your child. “According to doctors, such reconstructive surgery for this rare type of tumor in a child of infant age in the Russian and world literature is not described,” — said the press service of the Department.

Informed surgeons of the Blokhin cancer center in Moscow removed the four-month-old girl a liver tumor, comprising a fifth of its weight. At the time of surgery, the girl weighed 3,900 g and the tumour — 600. As told by the surgeon Polad Kerimov, the tumor grew, and at any moment could be formed metastases. Or the tumor could have burst, and the child would have died. It is noted that the most important task for doctors was minimal blood loss.

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