The American swimmer went to court for sexual violence trainers


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Six American dolls has sued the Federation of USA swimming because of sexual violence trainers. It is reported by NBC.

Debra Grodensky, Suzette Moran, Tracy Palmero and three other athletes, who wished to remain anonymous, have filed lawsuits against the Federation, its California offices and the coaches. Allegations against the former Director of the USA national team Everett Uchiyama’s company, and also ex-national team coaches Mitch Ivey and Andrew king.

In particular, Grodenski stated that he had been sexually abused by king from 11 to 16 years of age in the 1980s. 51-year-old woman admitted that for a long time suffered from depression. In 2010, king was sentenced to 40 years in prison for numerous cases of child molestation.

Moran has put forward similar allegations against ivy. According to her, violence against it has led to the fact that she got pregnant at 17 and was forced to have an abortion. 46-year-old Palmero said about the violence Uchiyama’s company.

Grodensky, Moran and Palmero argue that the “culture of violence” has not disappeared from American diving. The Federation expressed support for women and stated that the three defendants barred for life from the sport and has long denied membership because of their crimes.

In October of 2019, it was reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) opened a case against the Federation of USA swimming. It became known that a number of coaches forced athletes to have sex in exchange for a place in the team. It was noted that the Federation has received complaints from swimmers, but ignored them.

In 2018, ended the other scandal in American sports. Doctor of team USA in gymnastics Larry Nassar was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of up to 175 years. The court found him guilty of sexual harassment towards gymnasts of the national team. The accusations against him have nominated more than 140 athletes, including Olympic Champions Simon Bails, Alexander Raisman, Gabrielle Douglas and Makalu Maroni. Most of the victims of Nassar was a minor.

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