The court arrested the Director of thermal power station in Norilsk after the fuel spill


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The court arrested the Director of the CHP-3 in Norilsk Pavel Smirnov, a suspect of violating the rules of environmental protection in the operation of industrial facilities. On Thursday, June 11, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC in his Telegram channel.

According to the newspaper, the decision of the court Director under arrest until 21 July. Informed together with Pavel Smirnov was detained the Deputy chief engineer Yuri Kuznetsov and the chief engineer of CHP-3 Alex Stepanov. According to the Investigative Committee, they have accepted the decision on continuation of operation of the reservoir that need to be repaired, in violation of safety rules. In the end, the accident that led to the spill of 17 thousand tons of diesel fuel which has penetrated into the soil and led to the pollution of the river Barn, lakes and rivers Pacino flowing into the Kara sea.

The heads of CHP-3 charged with article 246 of the criminal code (“violation of the rules of environmental protection in the operation of industrial facilities by persons responsible for compliance with these rules if it has entailed heavy consequences”).

Earlier, on 11 June it was reported that in relation to the head of Norilsk Rinat Ahmetshin a criminal case on negligence in the oil spill. According to investigators, the officer, knowing the amount spilled from a fuel tank, has not taken the necessary measures, emergency response and liquidation of its consequences.

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