The monument to the founder of scouts will carry due to his sympathizing with the Nazis


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In the English town of Poole Dorset in the near future are going to dismantle the monument to the founder of the scout movement Robert Baden-Powell due to the fact that during his life he was sympathetic to the ideology of the Nazis. On Thursday, June 11, reports the Sun.

In the personal diary of Baden-Powell found the recordings from 1939, in which he wrote: “to Lie all day. Read “Mein Kampf””, “a Wonderful book with good ideas on education, health, propaganda and organization.” Clarifies that the founder of the scout movement, liked the political views of the führer of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, therefore, it was decided to demolish the monument.

The sculpture will be placed on the preservation of the police. “Despite the fact that we were famous for the creation of the scout movement, we also recognize that there are some aspects of the life of Robert Baden-Powell, which are considered less worthy of memory”, — said the head of the public Council Vicki Slade. He also said that scouts from the Dorset supported the decision of the authorities.

Currently, however, local activists are struggling with the authorities to leave the monument in place. According to them, this man made a great contribution to the education of British children and adolescents, and now the scouts are working around the world, praising the tolerance and solidarity. Local residents ask that the authorities conducted a massive survey before to dismantle the monument.

The Chairman of the Executive authority of Pula Andrew Williams said that nobody complained and sculpture Baden-Powell.

August 1, 1907 Baden-Powell has set a tent camp with 20 boys on brownsea island in the English channel. It is noted that this event was the beginning of the scout movement. A hundred years later, in 2008, the UK has erected a monument to the founder of this movement, which, according to the latest data there are more than 54 million people around the world.

Yesterday it was reported that in the U.S. city of Richmond (Virginia) protesters over the death of a black George Floyd demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus. It is noted that using the three ropes they dropped the sculpture from the pedestal, then dragged her to the lake and threw in the water. In place of the statue of the rebellious put a sign saying “Columbus symbolizes the genocide.”

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