The most expensive company in the world has set a historical record


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Apple and Microsoft have become the first in the history of the companies, whose market capitalization exceeded $ 1.5 trillion. The historical record established in the course of trading on June 10 on the NASDAQ.

Us technology giant retain its status as the most expensive companies in the world and growing, despite the decline in the major indexes, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Dow Jones. So, lately the price Amazon has grown to 1.3 trillion dollars, and the Alphabet’s parent company, Google, to one trillion.

As noted by Barron’s, this increase is associated with investor confidence in the reliability of the stock in the epidemic of the coronavirus and mass protests in the United States. Each of them won at the expense of the key features of your business.

Microsoft was in demand technology for the transfer of employees to remote work. Amazon earned at the closing of traditional stores and expanding e-Commerce, and Google had revenue from advertising. In Apple’s case, the increase in the cost connected with expectations about the release of the new iPhone 5G.

Meanwhile, the financiers leery of the growth of US markets on the background of the epidemic of the coronavirus, problems in the economy and society. They are advised to review the portfolios, as the situation began to resemble a “bubble”, similar to what happened in 2000 in the market “dot-com” and led to the collapse.

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