The Russians massively exposed in defence blamed for pictures with vaginas artist


www.vsyako.netJulia Tsvetkovitch: Julia Tsvetkova page in “Vkontakte”

Russian the wearer, Twitter has begun to bare in defense of the artist and FEM-activists from Komsomolsk-on-Amur Yulia Tsvetkova. Previously, she was charged with distributing pornography for drawings of intimate parts of the body.

Criminal case concerning the girl was brought because of the abstract paintings of the vagina in public “the vagina Monologues” in “Vkontakte”. In the description of the community said that it was created to remove the “stigma with female physiology.” The activist filed another case about the promotion of homosexuality.

The Russians consider the prosecution Tsvetkova unfounded. “The female body is not pornography. Schematic drawings not pornography,” wrote @DailyRavenclaw. To support a Flowering of the wearer’s posted erotic photos. “This is my small contribution to #nudecatwalk I’d like to dedicate Julia Tsvetkova. The female body is not pornography, which should give a realistic time frame,” explained his participation in the action usersa @vzrosly_content. “This (the first) #nudecatwalk that our body is not a crime,” wrote the @felmzdshteiyn.

That Tsvetkova was charged, it became known on 9 June. She faces up to six years of imprisonment.

Case against artist began to open simultaneously with the beginning of its attempts to arrange a festival of youth art. Local authorities called his “depraved plague” because of the play “Blue and pink” gender stereotypes and anti-militarist statements with criticism of the Soviet Union. Tsvetkov also received threats from homophobic movement “Saw”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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