The woman dropped 22 pounds and have uncovered a way to lose weight


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A resident of the UK Kathy North (Barrie North) managed to lose 22 pounds and told me how she did it. Her way of shared edition of the Daily Express.

39-year-old North, the mother of many, put the care of children in the first place and did not have time to exercise. Even if she managed to lose some weight, she soon gained again the lost weight, as she did not have the strength to constantly monitor the calories.

The British noticed that recovered strongly after meeting a new man — they always went to restaurants and tried high-calorie meals. “Although we had a good time, I still allowed myself too much. And then I got pregnant for the fourth time. Then we moved, it was stressful, so I ate a lot to calm down,” admitted North and noted that the beginning to worry much due to the extra weight.

After birth, the Briton was determined to get in shape so I joined a local group for weight loss. There she was able to buy ready-made low-calorie and balanced food. North noted that it allowed her not to waste time and energy on cooking dietary dishes for yourself.

She strictly followed the diet and was able to lose 22 pounds. North admitted that her self-esteem went up. “This year I have an anniversary and wedding. I can’t wait for the ceremony, although I used to be afraid that everyone will look at me and judge,” admitted North.

Earlier it was reported about a resident of the Scottish city of Leuven, which weighed 165 pounds and was able to lose 102 pounds. Doctors diagnosed her with diabetes, and then she decided to lose weight. She changed her diet and started to exercise regularly, did not do any operations.

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